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Re: BD-RE mount problem


> I also tried using K3B to burn as udf.
> mkisofs print size result: 0 (0 bytes)

This looks like a different problem.
A size prediction of 0 is hardly to explain by any state of
the target medium. How large should the result have been ?

What do you get from

  xorriso -outdev /dev/sr0 -blank as_needed \
          -md5 on -add /usr/local/bin --

(You may use any other existing directory. I have chosen /usr/local/bin
 because it is normally not too large for a quick test.)

If this fails, then you can get very verbous message output
by prepending -report_about and -scsi_log commands and by
catching the messages in file /tmp/xorriso.log

  xorriso -report_about all -scsi_log on \
          -outdev /dev/sr0 -blank as_needed \
          -md5 on -add /usr/local/bin -- \
          2>&1 | tee -i /tmp/xorriso.log

That file xorriso.log would be of interest then, of course.

Have a nice day :)


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