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Re: 2-session DVD: Windows show old content & Linux show new?

Gildor Oronar wrote:
Hello. Using xorriso to burn DVD the second time (without -multi, a.k.a. there is no 3rd session). The image is created using genisoimage -C (but not using -M, a.k.a. the old and new content are not related).

The burnt DVD - with Linux (gnome), new content is mounted. With Windows XP, old content is mounted and show.

So my question is:

1. Did I do anything wrong? Or does Windows/Linux handle session
   display differently?
2. If I can reliably reproduce this issue, wouldn't that be a way to
   prepare different content for Windows/Linux? e.g. for a Game CD,
   have windows installer and Linux installer on the same CD but
   different track/session.

Have you tried mounting on a Win7 system? XP is quite old, and particularly if it is not fully patched this behavior may reflect a design decision changed decades ago. It would also be instructive to try this on another burner, just on the off chance that some subtle design choice in the firmware is in play.

E. Robert Bogusta
  It seemed like a good idea at the time

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