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Healthcare Professionals


We are going to release a updated list of Healthcare Professionals across the Globe by phone, direct mail and emails. Would you like to have a copy of the same at a low investment? Following are just to name a few and these list come with verified opt in email addresses:-

General Practitioner, Anesthesiologist, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, Dentist, Diabetes Specialist, Gynecologist, Neurologist, Optometrist, Radiologist, Oncologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Chiropractor, Clinical trials, Bio medical, Medical device manufacturers etc. and many more specialties...

Our list come with complete contact information and you can Email, Call or Direct Mail to the list. This comprehensive targeted database carries full information of each user such as Full Contact Name, Email address, Phone number, Fax number, Mailing address, Job title, etc...

Just reply with the description of your target market/audience to get the best offer.

Await for your response.

Tiffany Sweitzer
Marketing Manager

"If you do not wish to receive any more emails from me please reply back in the subject line "Leave Out".

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