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EASe iPad app to help children with Sensory Processing Disorder cope with noise.

Title: Sensitive to Noise? Try the EASe CD: A Sound Approach to Learning
Free EASe CD 

EASe Newsletter January 2012 - EASe app for the iPod Gen 2, iPad and iPhone

Therapists and Parents respond to the EASe app!

JOPPA, MARYLANDIn November 2011, Vision Play LLC in collaboration with Audioforge Labs announced the release of the EASe app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Gen 2. The EASe app is the first app designed to stimulate, challenge, and promote sensory processing in children on the autism spectrum and others experiencing difficulty with sensory processing and organization.

After using the EASe app, therapists report that children are better able to tolerate noisy environments, react less to new stimuli, improve eye contact and connection with others, are more receptive to language, improve vestibular movement and tolerance to motion, and have better task organization and play skills.

"I have 6 children listening to the music using the Seinheiser headphones. Nothing but good to report. I have had no problem with the application-works great. This is the 2nd week and all of them have made some positive changes:
-Awareness/interaction of their environment
-Improvement in vestibular movement and tolerance of movement
-Receptive language
-Increase in play skills
-Good tolerance of music-seem to enjoy listening" - Karen Roessler, OTR/L"

Mothers report their children being more able to cope with stressful environments and many are already requesting that the EASe app be included in their IEP.

“The effect of the EASe app on my son was noticeable immediately. A physical manifestation of the release of his stress was visible in both his body posture and countenance. He became more relaxed and indicated that he enjoyed the music and stated that it made him feel calm. The initial trial was undertaken just prior to his bedtime. It is interesting to note that my son tends to have a difficult time falling asleep, and yet that evening, he drifted off much more quickly than usual.

The following day, my son returned home from school in a state of high anxiety, having experienced a number of meltdowns throughout the day. As he was on the verge of another meltdown, I suggested that he try to use the EASe app to see if that would help him. My son agreed and we went to his bedroom, his quiet spot within the home. I observed him as he located the app on his iPad and began using it. He quickly settled and opted to continue listening to the EASe app. He was later able to state that the music helped him feel calmer.

After noting success with the EASe app at home, I requested permission for my son to bring his iPod to school in order to listen to the app at times when he is experiencing difficulties due to sound overload. Already, the feedback from the teaching staff has been quite positive, and my son is much better able to deal with the sounds around him within his educational environment by listening to his EASe app. In fact, work is underway to have his iPod and the EASe app added to his Individual Education Plan so that he will be granted continued permission to benefit from its use in school.  by Kate Dykstra, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. (candidate)”

The EASe Listening Therapy app is available in three versions – EASe Lite, EASe Personal and EASe Pro -- at the iTunes store

EASe Lite ($.99) is a demo with one song and full functionality except for audio import. Sound settings can be customized and the app comes with four pre-set programs to help a parent or therapist get up and running with the program very quickly.


EASe Personal ($39.99) includes the full EASe app and a 60-minute module of instrumental music, enough to complete a ten-hour EASe Listening Therapy program, with two half-hour sessions a day over a ten-day period.


EASe Pro ($99.00) includes the full EASe app and a 60-minute module of instrumental music, and also is capable of importing specially prepared EASe Music Modules available at www.easecd.com.


Vision Play is pleased to announce seven new EASe Music Modules are available for the EASe app Pro at:  http://www.vision-audio.com/ease-app-music.html

EASe app Music Modules are specially prepared collections of instrumental music, designed to provide the EASe app Pro with a perfectly balanced frequency response and dynamic musical experience capable of challenging and enhancing a child’s auditory processing. With EASe app Music Modules, an EASe Listening Therapy program can be extended from days to weeks and made that much more effective.

How EASe works. It’s simple really:

EASe app Listening Therapy consists of pleasant, up-tempo, instrumental songs, encoded by a two stage, dynamically variable filter set. The stage-one low pass filter reduces high frequencies and causes the music to sound smooth and muted. A variable second stage equalizer then boosts the high frequencies in intense, random pulses, causing a short sensory shock to the listener’s neuroauditory system. The auditory shock is intense enough to cause a neurological response but short enough to avoid causing a fight or flight response in the listener. Once the listener’s brain learns that the noises are not threatening, it begins to habituate to them and eventually to listen through them to the music itself. After the session is complete, the patient automatically applies this newly learned habituation skill to the world at large, becoming more in control of his or her auditory environment.

EASe audio and video game listening therapy programs can be carried out at home, at school or in a therapist's office with inexpensive electronic equipment and high-quality headphones. EASe audio CDs, developed in 1995, are the original disc-based listening therapy program. EASe video games use the same sound technology in a fun, video game environment that stimulates and challenges sensory pathways to promote appropriate sound response, balance, organization and attention. 

EASe products are easy-to-use, simple and safe tools to help parents, occupational, physical, speech and listening therapists, help children challenged with sensory processing issues, central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), and developmental issues learn to manage noise, improve organization, sensory modulation and proprioception.

Phone 410-679-1605. Web http://www.easecd.com email bill@vision-audio.com

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