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Re: My Pioneer DVR-218L i think is behaving like the "LG GH20NS10 might hang at the end of DVD-R[W] DAO recording..."

> I recently purchased a Pioneer DVR-218L SATA dvd recorder, to replace an
> old IDE Pioneer recorder.
> The unit works correctly when burning data, and it works correctly under
> Windows. But when i tried to burn a Video-DVD under Linux (K3B), it gave
> me an error in the very end of the recording process. I searched for
> information, and after a while, I found this:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/cdwrite@other.debian.org/msg12340.html
> That thread describes my situation almost exactly, except I own a
> Pioneer, not LG drive.
> Here are a couple of debug logs of K3B when failing:
> http://pastebin.com/f416c99d2

Yes, it appears as similar problem, i.e. recording size is not divisible
by 32KB, it's DAO recording and the last write appears timing out. Can
you verify if workaround at the end of
http://www.mail-archive.com/cdwrite@other.debian.org/msg12357.html helps
in your case too? As far as I understand K3b offers DAO as GUI
check-box, so you can as well let it be in order to make it work with
your unit.

> Here is the output of
> dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/scd1
> INQUIRY:                [PIONEER ][DVD-RW  DVR-218L][1.01]
> Complete here -> http://pastebin.com/f9309400 (with the data of the
> Verbatim 16X DVD-Rs I used to burn)

It's of greater relevance/interest to look at dvd+rw-mediainfo for
*resulting* recording, not for blank media. There you should be able to
confirm that READ CAPACITY and/or lead-out position are adequate,
recording size / 2048 to be specific.

Thanks for submission. A.

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