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Re: Growisofs input cache (get away from dd?)

David Weisgerber <david.weisgerber@cs.tum.edu> wrote:

> > > The problem with growisofs is, that it does not seem to use the file
> > > system buffers. That means already burning 3 DVDs at once is too much for
> > > my system.
> >
> > I would asume that growisofs cannot easily turn off the filesystem
> > buffering, but is there a buffer inside growisofs?
> I found out, that growisofs uses the option O_DIRECT when opening files. Does 
> somebody know why this option is used? It seems to me totally useless when 
> reading ISO files...

I tried things like this 10+ years ago with star and it turns out
that it is doing the opposite from what some people expect.

In this case you are of course correct and the filesystem cache has been


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