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Re: Growisofs input cache (get away from dd?)

David Weisgerber <david.weisgerber@cs.tum.edu> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am the developer of turbojet (turbojet.sf.net) a software package for 
> burning multiple CDs and DVDs at once. (btw. I would need a package 
> maintainer for the software for debian)

If you have any wishes for special features, feel free to ask.

> For burning multiple audio CDs at once, I use cdrecord (or wodim) and start it 
> for each CD I want to burn. That means, that in my system I have 7 CD-Writers 
> and I will start 7 instances of cdrecord. This runs very well as cdrecord 
> will read the input data through the file system buffers. (Thanks to 
> Jörg ;-) )

Cdrecord implements an own aditional buffer that allows to decouple the
filesystem read process from the burn process.

> The problem with growisofs is, that it does not seem to use the file system 
> buffers. That means already burning 3 DVDs at once is too much for my system. 

I would asume that growisofs cannot easily turn off the filesystem buffering,
but is there a buffer inside growisofs?


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