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Announcing xorriso-0.3.0


be invited to try the new release 0.3.0 of my program
xorriso, a ISO 9660 Rock Ridge filesystem manipulator.

It creates, loads, manipulates and writes ISO 9660
filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions. It can
load the management information of existing ISO images
and it writes the session results to optical media or
to filesystem objects.
Vice versa xorriso is able to restore file objects from
ISO 9660 filesystems.

A special property of xorriso is that it needs neither
an external ISO 9660 formatter program nor an external
burn program for CD or DVD but rather incorporates the
libraries of libburnia-project.org .


* New options -quoted_path_list, -quoted_not_list
* New option -backslash_codes for weird file names and terminal safety
* New options -charset, -in_charset, -out_charset
* New option -local_charset allows to override locale
* New option -application_id
* New option -compliance allows certain deviations from standards
* Suitable ISOLINUX boot images are made alternatively bootable via an MBR
* Bug fix: Forgot exit value registration to -return_with. Thanks to Steve Dodd.
* Bug fix: -format as_needed did not recognize unformatted BD-RE
* Bug fix: disk patterns with relative addresses were not properly resolved

System requirements:
   Linux with kernel 2.4 or 2.6: libc, libpthread
or FreeBSD : libc, libpthread, ATAPI/CAM enabled, see atapicam(4)  

  libreadline + libreadline-dev

For more info, see http://scdbackup.sourceforge.net/xorriso_eng.html


There is a xorriso release tarball (containing the application
and all three libburnia libraries needed):

scdbackup.sourceforge.net is mirrored at scdbackup.webframe.org .

xorriso is also part of the libisoburn release tarball:
(needs only vanilla tools for ./configure ; make)
libisoburn.so.1 and its xorriso need recent release
versions of libburn.so.4 and libisofs.so.6.
The xorriso standalone release does not depend on any
of these dynamic libraries.

Post bug reports or requests
either to the libburnia ticket system:
or to one of these mailing lists:
or directly to me:

Have a nice day :)


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