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Re: One for DVD+RW/hcn.html


> As dvd+rw-format currently insists on subtype value 2 or 3, then the
> only way around it would be to complement command line with -force=full.
> Is this correctly understood?

I did not try dvd+rw-format -force=full on unused BD-RE
but the equivalent in libburn saved my pride with the first
few media i formatted by own means.
Same parameters, but C2 rather than C3 in format[8].

Meanwhile i know that type 0x00 does quick formatting
and that certain -format options of xorriso will simply
fail with that drive.
-format "as_needed" does work now. That's most important.

> Meaning that I probably should stop implying
> that expanding ssa is a reliable operation...

It is quite optimistic to hope for data survival
over a FORMAT UNIT command. :))
With sub type 2 i get a zillion "Z" characters
on the media. (Probably because of the snooze slow
formatting speed.)

> So that dvd+rw-format -force with already formatted media would still
> work, i.e. without -ssa, which implies default descriptor a.k.a. format
> type 0x00. Is this correctly understood?

My first BD-RE which was formatted sucessfully
(after xorriso failed on 0x30,3) was with
  dvd+rw-format /dev/sr1
which on unused BD-RE issues
  00 82 00 08 00 B4 74 00 00 00 30 00

But dvd+rw-format -force /dev/sr1 on already formatted
BD-RE issues
  00 82 00 08 00 B4 74 00 C3 00 00 00
and thus fails with the known error message.

This here succeeds in about 30 seconds:
  dvd+rw-format -ssa=default /dev/sr1
by sending
  00 82 00 08 00 B4 74 00 00 00 30 00

As for optimism:

The now re-formatted media contained 20+ GB of
test data. The original files are still on
hard disk in original state.
The ISO image loads in xorriso (i.e. first few
dozen MB are ok, modulo first 32 kB) and the
comparison function finds no differences
between image and disk.
Data, attributes, all well. At least for the
first 3 GB after the first five minutes.

I'll give you a note if it finds any alteration
during the next half hour. 

> Could you test if format type 0x30 and subtype 0 works for your unit? A.

I am in the middle of the next xorriso
release. The tarballs are made and now
i have to do some minimal regression tests.

What do we have to expect from "marked as possibly bad"
as in
Format Subtype Value 00b
Quick Reformat consists of declaring that all
Clusters marked as defective in the DFL become
marked as possibly bad during the reformat.
Assigned spares are released.

... now 7 GB are compared ok ...

Have a nice day :)


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