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Leather Lingerie, Fetish and Bondage Gear

We introduce ourselves as the leading suppliers of leather wear including state of the art fetish and bondage leatherwear. We are a leather wholesale distributor based out here in Chicago, IL, specializing in the following:
·         Arm Binders
·         Body Bags
·         Blind Folds
·         Cat Suits
·         Collars
·         Cuffs
·         Floggers
·         Paddles
·         Gags
·         Harnesses
·         Jock Shorts
·         Whips
·         Wrist Bands
·         Slings
·         Straight Jackets
·         Kilts
·         Masks
·         Mitts
·         Restraints
·         Skirts
·         Pants
·         Chaps
·         Bustiers
·         Teddy Cat Suits
·         Jump Suits
·         Collar Teddies
·         Corset Dresses
·         Hobble Dresses
·         Under bust Corsets
·         Over Bust Corsets
·         Neck Corsets
Mostly, our products are manufactured in the North American Region ensuring these are top quality products and a few products are manufactured overseas exclusively in our factories. We also offer drop shipping to our customers applicable to certain shipping costs. There is no minimum order requirement when you order with us. In addition we could also manufacture products as per your own designs and even make your custom made pieces.
Please let us know the items you are interested in and we would revert to you with the details within no time.
Max Valentine,
Office: (847) 656-5375
Mobile: (312) 301-7019
Goethe Fashions Group.

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