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Re: One for DVD+RW/hcn.html


> i got one for your hcn.html

Thanks. To clarify...

> INQUIRY:                [HL-DT-ST][BD-RE  GGW-H20L ][YL03]
> This drive does not like format type 0x30 with
> sub type 3 Quick Certification. Only sub type 2
> (i.e. full formatting) works ... and needs 4900
> seconds.

As dvd+rw-format currently insists on subtype value 2 or 3, then the
only way around it would be to complement command line with -force=full.
Is this correctly understood? This in turn would mean that there is no
way to expand ssa without leaving already recorded data intact. Indeed,
2 wipes all the data, while 0 and 1 - wipe the defect list, thus
indirectly affecting data suffered from media defects. For reference,
the whole idea behind having 3 as default was to permit ssa expanding
without affecting recorded data. Well, one can actually argue that
specification does not guarantee that data suffered from media defects
is not affected even by subtype 3. Indeed, it says that defect clusters
will be re-certified and if they get re-certified as good, then it's
likely to mean trouble. Meaning that I probably should stop implying
that expanding ssa is a reliable operation...

> Format type 0x00 works and needs about 30 seconds.

So that dvd+rw-format -force with already formatted media would still
work, i.e. without -ssa, which implies default descriptor a.k.a. format
type 0x00. Is this correctly understood?

Could you test if format type 0x30 and subtype 0 works for your unit? A.

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