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Re: WRITE@LBA=3e0c30h failed with SK=3h/WRITE ERROR]: Input/output error (DL)

[-dvd-compat] will still allow you to pad DVD+R,
DVD-R Incremental, even DVD-R DL recordings,
not to mention rewritables..

Yeah. That's why this development glitch could
stay undetected for quite a while.
It is harmless if the image comes from a regular
disk file, i understand from reading your builtin_dd().


There is also possibility that some/their units require layer break to be set
but stranger things were observed...

Hm. I shall prepare libburn for explicite setting
of that address.
For now i left it out because the specs
do not call it mandatory by any means
and because i do not fully understand the
(E.g. may i set the L0 capacity to hundred MB
and still write the full 4+ GB on L1 ?

No. How much you can write to L1 will always be less or equal to L0 capacity.

Do i need to call RESERVE TRACK ? ...)

No. I.e. not according to specification. A.

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