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Re: Blanking/Formating a BD-RE


> The only thing I want to have is that I cannot mount it anymore with the
> previous filesystem (all tracks should be removed).

Tracks ? Plural ? On BD-RE ?

>From the specs i read that BD-RE is overwriteable media
like DVD-RAM or DVD+RW. So the operating system does not
see any tracks but a random access disk.

It would therefore try to read the filesystem info
from the default address on such disks. In case of a
ISO 9660 filesystem this would be the blocks beginning
with number 16 (= 32 kB).

If your drive has address /dev/sr0 this command
  dd bs=2048 skip=16 count=1 if=/dev/sr0 | od -c | less
will show the decisive line
  0000000 001   C   D   0   0   1 001  \0                                

If you overwrite the first 32 blocks by zeros then the media
will surely not be recognized as mountable ISO filesystem.
  dd bs=2048 count=32 if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sr0

Have a nice day :)


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