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Re: Help: Burning multisession DVD+R with cdrecord 2.01.01a37


> cdrskin: error while loading shared libraries: libburn.so.4: cannot open
> shared object file: No such file or directory

Sigh, this is what i earn if i try to cope with
dynamic libraries. The packagers want is so.

As a shortcut, try the static 32 bit binary
which is the only file in

Now for the failed source installation:

If you downloaded the source tarball
followed the installation instructions in
especially this step before make install :


which should avoid .so dependencies on libburn.
Well, then you found a bug in our autotools
setup. Somehow make install installs not
the standalone version and fails to install
the dynamic library.
autotools ... shoot your own foot for free.

Nevertheless, after  cdrskin/compile_cdrskin.sh
there should be a file
of at least 500 kB size.
Is that one able to execute

  cdrskin/cdrskin -version

If so, then find out where cdrskin is found
currently by the shell:
  which cdrskin

If that is not /usr/local/bin/cdrskin then
we have a plausible culprit for the mess-up.
Whatever, copy as superuser the file
over the address reported by the which command.
Afterwards try:
  cdrskin -version


To the bystanders:

I would appreciate any hint about what went wrong
with my autotools installation setup.
I mean, it is plausible that it pulls a dynamic
cripple out of some cache after a standalone binary
was compiled by external means. (It worked in my
test ... well, that can have been an acident.)

But why does it not properly install libburn.so.4
and makes it ready for use ?
See for the autotools configuration before ./bootstrap:

Have a nice day :)


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