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Re: Doesn't wodim close disk ?

"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup@gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> me (quoting from man growisofs):
> > > growisofs -M /dev/sr0=/dev/zero
> Joerg Schilling:
> > This will make the disk unuable....
> It looks weird, yes.
> But to my knowledge this command copies the
> first 64 kB from the previous session to the
> new session.

If this was true....but note that most options from growisofs are undocumented 
or documented in an incomplete way. It is better to warn on posible problems.

> > readcd f=file.out sectors=0-2146272
> One may as well use
>   dd if=/dev/sr0 bs=2048 skip=0 count=2146272 of=file.out

Given the fact that there are still well known bugs in the Linux drivers
that may hide problems from "dd" it is better to use a program like 
readcd that works mostly independent from Linux drivers and reports all 


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