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Re: Doesn't wodim close disk ?

"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup@gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> me:
> > > But the track still reports RT=0, Blank=0
> > > If it was closed then RT should be 1.
> Joerg Schilling:
> > Which track?
> Logical track number 1 as reported by
> dvd+rw-mediainfo.

Well, I hate this caps only text.....

> As reported by Gregoire Favre:
> > > > Track State:           invisible
> Joerg Schilling:
> > The problem is the unreadable output from dvd+rw-mediainfo...
> I looked into the code and deduced the info
> on  MMC level.
> Together with MMC specs and dvd+rw-mediainfo.cpp
> the output of dvd+rw-mediainfo is as good as
> a self-made experiment.
> Only way to put it in question is to ask Gregoire
> whether dvd+rw-mediainfo meanwhile does not 
> say "invisible" any more.

The problem is that we need to get information from the
_failing_ system and this information is rejected from Gregoire.

> > From the cdrecord -minfo output, there is only an "invisible" track
> > past the closed 1st session.
> Might well be.
> But the track inside that closed session has RT=0,Blank=0
> if inquired by 52h READ TRACK INFORMATION.
> The MMC specs clearly state that RT=0 implies "not closed".
> I assume you get a DVD+R fragment into that state if you
> do not call RESERVE TRACK and not call CLOSE TRACK SESSION
> with Close Function 1 (Track).
> One could do that with a DVD+RW without negative consequences
> but the recording model of DVD+R is very different from DVD+RW.

I did create a non-closed track some time agi and it did definitely
look different that this one.

In case of a non-closed track, cdrecord does not show another session.

One hint that the drive or media is confused/defective is that the next writable
address is directly behind the last written track and does not have a lead out
in between.


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