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Re: cdrecord problems

Thomas Schmitt wrote:

Bill Davidsen:
I did recently discover that it [cdrskin] has limitations
doing odd raw burns, but that's not a usual requirement,

Would it be indiscrete to ask for the use case and what
cdrecord write mode option you wanted to apply ?

Not in the least, I was trying a vcd creation program which said I should burn the output file with "-raw" so I did.

libburn contains code for raw write modes and i implemented
in cdrskin option -raw96r without knowing much of the
technical background.
If you think that will work better I will be glad to try it, burning with -raw and cdrecord "worked" but the media doesn't play, so I presume something else is amiss.

I'm just trying to take a bunch of clips and make a "how to do it" vcd from them, so I can give it to people with questions. I've about given up on doing it in Linux, and I ship stuff to a Windows user providing a clip and a title for each, and she has a program which actually can write a usable media providing nothing but the clip name, clip title, and title for the menu.

The programs I find either don't work, assume you know whuch obscure formats to use, require writing of large xml programs, or have no documentation beyond "works just like {Windows prog}." At this point I have decided there is no simple program in Linux, there is in Windows, and I just won't mention the subject when talking about how great Linux apps are. ;-)

But to my experience this mode is unappealing for data
recording although it allows higher throughput and
- The time sharing granularity of my system becomes awful,
Yes, even with a tuned cfs scheduler. If you run 2.6.22 or later I can suggest some tuning values which might help.
- one of my drives can become totally unusable afterwards,
That happened with cdrecord as well, so I wasn't sure if it was hardware or software. It'not your software alone.
- the higher capacity is at expense of less error detection
  and correction.
Not an issue here, I suspect.
Nevertheless, if you give me hints about what and why then
i would begin and try to learn about subchannels and all.
How about if I just try a burn with raw96r and see if that works? As in "successfully writes a vcd my DVD player won't play?" I'll let you know, the system is sitting on a chair right now, I needed space in a bay for another machine, so the test box is out until late tonight, or Tuesday if I don't get time today.

bill davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com>
 CTO TMR Associates, Inc
 Doing interesting things with small computers since 1979

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