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Re: VCD (was: cdrecord problems)


> How about if I just try a burn with raw96r and see if that works?

Worth a try. But man cdrecord says:
" -raw   Set RAW writing mode.  Using this  option  defaults
         to  -raw96r"
So probably you cannot expect better results than with
cdrecord -raw.

During my adventures in google i found this
It uses cdrdao for the job of burning. 
Looks like the author already went through the adventures
which libburn would have to pass in order to get VCD ready.

What i could learn about VCD within an hour:

Google hit #1 for VCD lets me believe that
it needs some deep knowledge in and beyond MMC

"One mode 2 mixed form ISO-9660 track containing file
 pointers to the information areas.
 Up to 98 multiplex-ed mpeg-1 audio/video streams or
 cd-da audio tracks.

This contains several keywords to be explored in MMC
and in man cdrecord.

Then i read
and get to
where i read the usual statement:
"The definition of the Video CD standard is called the
 Philips "White Book" and it is not generally available
 online as it must be purchased from Philips." 

But also:
"The first track is in mode 2 form 2 format which means
 it uses L2 error correction. The track contains an ISO-9660
 filesystem with 2048 bytes/sector."
Somehow i can not recognize in MMC specs "mode 2 form 2" 
with "2048 bytes/sector". 2048 is associated with "form 1".
man cdrecord brings me to the idea to try -xa. That would
match the plan to write further tracks.
"The second and remaining tracks are generally raw 2324
 bytes/sector MPEG [...] These are in mode 2 form 1 format"
Within man cdrecord only -xa2 promises 2324 bytes/sector.
I assume the mplayer FAQ confuses "form 1" and "form 2".

I see not much chance with current cdrskin. If you get
cdrecord to work for you, tell me which options are actually

Have a nice day :)


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