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Re: cdrecord problems

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com> wrote:

> > Paragraph 4.3.7 "DVD+R Dual Layer" is much more detailed
> > about the layer hop. Nevertheless there is a statement
> > which makes me believe it is worth a try to just write
> > to it as to a fat DVD+R.
> >   
> That seems to work. I did some backups that way, creating big files and 
> just burning them. I believe I used growisofs but I can't be sure after 
> the fact. Reading the data back produced no read errors and a correct 
> md5sum, I did wipe the original and test restore, though. ;-)

As you don't know what you did, it is a good idea not to believe you...

Not setting the layer break on DVD+R/DL may work in principle but it causes a 
lot of headaches. If you do not set the layer break, you need to write both
complete surfaces.


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