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Re: DVD works in Linux, not windows

Joerg Schilling wrote:
Bill Davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com> wrote:

Not unknown, I'm trying to get you to see that the security change was 
made years ago and everyone but you has found a way to make burning work 
without needing to be root. My goal is to get you to realize that your 
software is becoming irrelevant, and things like cdrskin, Fedora 
cdrecord, and the forked version are all going on. The original cdrecord 
could still be the only one, but you chose to make it not work with 
current Linux and the world chose to go with software which does.
You are continuing to write nonsense.

There was a securoty bug in Linux caused by the fact that Linux did allow to
send SCSI commands on read-only filedescriptors.

Asecurity bug fix for this problem was to revert the code back to what
it has been before: require write access on the fd and NOT breaking the
interface. If you are unable to understand these basics, you should stay quiet.

If you require write access then you can't read a CD, because you have to *write* the commands to the device. Therefore only a number of known commands are allowed with read-only access. A larger set is allowed if you have write access, but you must be root to send commands which are known dangerous (flash device BIOS for instance) or which do unknown actions, such as vendor specific commands.

I do understand the basics, you are not willing to stop sending commands outside the normal mmc set, and while these commands may be safe by your standard, the kernel does not, and should not, have exceptions for every devices which burns optical media.

The fact that other software works where your does not shows that the commands are not needed to write a CD (although I'm sure they're desirable for optimal performance).

No FUD, other work, your doesn't, it's not your week to be God so you're wrong.
Cdrecord is far away from being irrelevent.

On the other side, cdrskin is irrelevent as it is not portable.
The broken debian fork is irrelevent as it is missing a lot of important
features and as it does not work (as reported by people wo did find it
on their distributuion).

BTW: there is nothing like Fedora cdrecord. You are either uninformed
or a bad guy who intentionally spready FUD.
My version has a cdrecord in /usr/bin which works. I didn't build it, therefore it's a Fedora-supplied version AFAIK. And it works as a normal user, so maybe you could get the source and find out how they fixed the bug.
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