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Re: problems writing a large file to DVD+R Double Layer disk

scdbackup@gmx.net wrote:

> Kish Shen: 
> > use it -- can I use it to create a backup of my file(s)?i
> > My DVD rewriter is a USB device, and not
> > a SCSI device, and I am not sure what the device number and LUN etc.
> > are for it (I only know that /dev/sr1 and /dev/scd1 both map to it).
> As it is pseudo-SCSI, try this

There is nothing like "speudo SCSI" CD/DVD writers only work with SCSI commands.

>   cdrecord -scanbus 

As you might know that more than 6 months ago, cdrecord has been enhanced to
autoselect the target in case that there is inly one possible drve in the 
system. Verify by:

cdrecord -inq

If this gives you the inquiry data for your drive you may omit the dev=

> Programs growisofs or cdrskin are to prefer for that.

The preferred program still is cdrecord.

> Both are able to pipe a data stream of unpredicted
> size onto DVD.
> cdrskin is untested with double layer media, so you will
> have to be adventurous or use growisofs.

Cdrecord has been tested to correctly support double layer DVD+R media.

If you prefer to write in a less compatible way, go for other programs than 
cdrecord. For double layer media, you _need_ to know the size in advance in 
order to be able to set the layer break at the right place.

If you do not know this, please do not give advise....


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