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Re: problems writing a large file to DVD+R Double Layer disk


Kish Shen: 
> use it -- can I use it to create a backup of my file(s)?i
> My DVD rewriter is a USB device, and not
> a SCSI device, and I am not sure what the device number and LUN etc.
> are for it (I only know that /dev/sr1 and /dev/scd1 both map to it).

As it is pseudo-SCSI, try this

  cdrecord -scanbus 

> Should I do something like:
> mkisofs -R /master/tree  |  cdrecord  speed=2  dev=2,0

There's a track source missing with cdrecord.
For CD media, '-' would be ok.  With DVD media, piping
becomes cumbersome.

Programs growisofs or cdrskin are to prefer for that.
Both are able to pipe a data stream of unpredicted
size onto DVD.
cdrskin is untested with double layer media, so you will
have to be adventurous or use growisofs.

Usually growisofs does its own internal mkisofs piping.
But if you want to use it as a plain DVD writer, try this:

  mkisofs -R /master/tree  |  growisofs -Z /dev/sr1=/dev/fd/0

(/dev/fd/0 is one way to say "standard input" as file address.)

With cdrskin and single layer media, the same would be: 

  mkisofs -R /master/tree  |  cdrskin -v speed=2 dev=/dev/sr1 -multi -

Testers for double-layer media are wanted.
Gallant wealthy users please contact me. :))

If you are interested in multi-volume backup on CD or DVD, 
i got a tool for that: scdbackup.

Joerg Schilling:
> Once cdrecord will support multi-border for DVD+R, it will be done in the 
> official way, it depends on whether growisofs does the same.

At least according to MMC-5 there is not much danger that
multi-session on DVD+R will be incompatible between the
programs which are capable of it.

We all close a track before we start the next one and thus it
makes hardly a difference in the result wether we reserve the
track size in advance or wether we just write away.
Decisive is rather the CLOSE TRACK/SESSION function which
is used at the end of a track. 010b keeps appendable,
101b and 110b finalize the disc. (mmc5r03c.pdf,

growisofs obviously refuses to finalize any DVD+R.
So does cdrskin-0.3.4. In the development version cdrskin-0.3.5
DVD+R get finalized by 101b unless option -multi is present.
I.e. just like with CD-R[W] or DVD-R[W].
Maybe i learn why growisofs has this reluctance. Cautious
cdrskin-0.3.5 users might want to add -multi to any run on DVD+R
until then.

Have a nice day :)


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