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FW: Major stem cell event about to take place company already up by 2.14% colton mcdonald

recently BMSN.OB could prove to be one of the BIGGEST stem cell stock plays for the coming month Once.

Major Pr campaign launched today. the, I.
Expect monumental news any minute. The soldiers made thrusts at him with their weapons, and an officer jabbed at his breast with a glittering sword, but the Garment of Repulsion protected him from these dangers as well as from a hail of bullets that followed his advancing figure.

Find BMSN.OB Quote Here lived.

Here's the News. Go read it right now. on.
Read the entire news release from Friday Closing-Market traveling. machine.
Any minute BMSN's facility will get clearance to open top.

Friday October 27, 4:00 pm ET--After the market close Friday to, He reached the entrance of the palace only to face another group of guardsmen and a second order to halt, and as these soldiers were over six feet tall and stood shoulder to shoulder Rob saw that he could not hope to pass them without using his electric tube his.

The CEO has stated that as far as he knows this will be the first Stem Cell from fat storage facility. They will also store cord blood. This will be a major moment for BMSN. Everyone will have the opportunity to store Adult Stem Cells from fat and cord blood. Low float, approximately 2.7 million. Don't miss this watch Monday here we come. own.

Oct. 10, 2006 (Bio-Matrix) -- Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. (OTCBB:BMSN), a biotechnology company focused on stem cell cryogenics and disposable stem cell / tissue transfer instruments, announced today that the new Class 10,000 Processing Laboratory is now 95% completed, with 100% completion scheduled by mid-October. the.
Stand aside, you fellows! he ordered.

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The cautionary statements made in this document should be read as being applicable to all related forward-looking statements wherever they appear on our Web site or in other communications. Always research your own investments, and consult your investment advisor before investing .Small-cap companies, micro-cap companies, penny stocks and/or thinly traded securities are inherently risky and very volatile investments. He extended the tube and, as he pressed the button, described a semi-circle with the instrument.

You risk losing some or all of the m0ney you invest. If you are not a savvy investor we suggest strongly that you sit back and just watch. for.

We are not a registered financial advisor. The information presented herein is not an offer to buy or sell securities.Immediately the tall guardsmen toppled over like so many tenpins, and Rob stepped across their bodies and penetrated to the reception room, where a brilliant assemblage awaited, in hushed and anxious groups, for opportunity to obtain audience with the king. I hope his Majesty isn't busy, said Rob to a solemn-visaged official who confronted him. I want to have a little talk with him.
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