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cdrtools-2.01.01a19 ready

NEW features of cdrtools-2.01.01a19:


-	A small restructuring of the include file structure:
	new file include/schily/xconfig.h
	include/schily/xmconfig.h now only contains manual static configuration 
	for VMS

-	The Makefilesystem now inclucdes links for sparc64 (Fujitsu-Siemens)


-	Fixed a typo in fconv.c that caused problems on IBM AIX5.

Libparanoia (Ported by Jörg Schilling, originated by Monty xiphmont@mit.edu):

Libedc (Optimized by Jörg Schilling, originated by Heiko Eißfeldt heiko@hexco.de):


-	-perm now correctly recognises argument parsing errors by 
	dealing with the fact that mode_t is unsigned.




-	Renamed getdelim() to getworddelim() to avoid a name clash in Cygwin.

	Note that there is still a name clash on Cygwin with getline(). As this
	is a hard POSIX violation caused by Cygwin, you need to edit Cygwin's
	/usr/include/stdio.h and remove the non-conforming Cygwin getline()
	if you like to compile cdrtools. Please also make a bug report against 
	Cygwin. Tell the Cygwin people that libschily's getline() is compilant
	to a commercial interface published since 1982. Cygwin needs to use a 
	different name if they don't like to follow the official getline()

-	The manual layer break code has been modified to deal with the different
	GCC behavior with signed/unsigned comparison.

Cdda2wav (By Heiko Eißfeldt heiko@hexco.de):

-	New Option ts= # similar to cdrecord's and readcd's options.
	This allows to work around a Linux kernel bug that prevents
	cdda2wav to be usable with USB drives. To work around this
	Linux bug try cdda2wav ts=128k or less.





Mkisofs (By Jörg Schilling and James Pearson j.pearson@ge.ucl.ac.uk):

-	mkisofs -T & mkisofs -b boot_file now work correctly.
	This fixes a bug introduced with 2.01.01a18

-	Deep directory abortion now happens from the right place, so
	mkisofs will allow files but no sub-dirs inside the last
	permitted directory nesting level.

-	Mkisofs will now correctly ignore deep directory nesting
	in no Rock Ridge mode with mkisofs -find

-	mkisofs -find dir will now correctly deal with Rock Ridge deep
	directory relocation.

-	Some small compile problems on Cygwin (caused by a unsigned int
	vs. UInt32_t clash) have been fixed. Thanks to Uwe Büdel for reporting.

-	Symlinks now work in mkisofs -find mode too.

-	.. directory in rr_moved now gets the correct mode

-	graft dirs now work even if they cause Rock Ridge deep
	directory relocation.

	-	read Joliet filenames with multi-session if no TRANS.TBL
		or RR is present. I am looking for a volouteer for this task!

		Note that this can never be 100% correct as there is no relation
		between the names on the master (UNIX) filesystem, the ISO-9660
		names and the Joliet names. Only the Rock Ridge names are
		untranslated with respect to the original files on the
		master (UNIX) filesystem.

	-	add libecc/edc for CDI and similar.


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       js@cs.tu-berlin.de                (uni)  
       schilling@fokus.fraunhofer.de     (work) Blog: http://schily.blogspot.com/
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