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Re: mkisofs bug? creating cdrom image for bulk files with -old-root -> enter infinite loop?

å¼ é?¡æ­¦ <zhangweiwu@realss.com> wrote:

> Further report in case it is helpful for debugging it:
> Because I am a bit in hurry (now is 23:55, better finish today's backup
> before 00:00) I tried to issue command to mkisofs replacing
> '-M /dev/hdd' with '-M /tmp/first.iso' where first.iso is the iso image
> for the CDR I burnt first time.
> By doing so I can separate the mkisofs failure with possible DVD-RW
> driver problem (because driver is not used when doing this mkisofs).
> The behavior: mkisofs starts to run, and hang pretty soon there, taking
> up NO CPU RESOURCE. It simply hang there. Ctrl+C and TERM signal is
> ignored, KILL signal cause it to quit.

In any case, it is impossible to help you as long as you use this 2 year old 
outdated version.

I can only help if you first test the latest version.


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