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Re: mkisofs bug? creating cdrom image for bulk files with -old-root -> enter infinite loop?

在 2006-09-23六的 11:15 +0200,Joerg Schilling写道:
> <zhangweiwu@realss.com> wrote:
> > Hello. I actually encounter this problem on SuSE linux, but I am pretty
> > sure I can reach the mkisofs authors much easier on this list, as this
> > could be a bug report, it's important to reach the authors/maintainers.
> >
> > I managed to learn to use -old-root to create CDR with only updated
> > files, see my previous post (attached at the end of this email). Here is
> > how to reproduce this 'bug':
> >
> > insert an empty CDR, do this
> >
> > zhangweiwu@joe:~> mkisofs  -r -iso-level 4 -m .beagle -V 20060922_zhangweiwu_backup \
> >    -m Cache -m .Trash -m .thumbnails -m music -m '*.avi' -o /tmp/zhangweiwu.iso ~
> >
> > The first session of multi-session disc is made. The next day, do this:
> >
> > zhangweiwu@joe:~> mkisofs -C `cdrecord dev=/dev/hdd -msinfo` -M /dev/hdd -old-root / \
> >    -m .beagle -m Cache -m .Trash -m .thumbnails -m music -m '*.avi' \
> >    -r -iso-level 4 -V 20060923_zhangweiwu_backup -o /tmp/zhangweiwu.iso ~
> >
> > Then mkisofs start working, reading CDR for 10 seconds, then hang there.
> > top(1) shows mkisofs uses 100% CPU resource. First I thought it's simply
> > making the image, I left the computer there for 10 hours and it's still
> > computing, then I think probably it is a bug, mkisofs should not take so
> > long time to make the image.
> You are most likely using an extremely outdated version of mkisofs....
> http://cdrecord.berlios.de/old/private/problems.html

I don't think so... from the typescript you can see I am using 2.0.1
which as far as I know is the latest release version. I also checked
ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/cdrecord where it seems cdrtools-2.0.1 is the
latest package available for download. I cannot read the German part of
that known problems page, and the English part doesn't seem to cover
this problem. 

Thank you for the reply. Do you think I should now try the alpha
versions? I can surely understand maintaining such software package must
be a lot of work and you are pretty busy. However my current skill level
makes me feel more comfortable with pre-built packages...

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