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Re: can't read DVD+RW in Sony DW-G120A immediately after growisofs

In [🔎] 44B3B831.8010407@fy.chalmers.se, Andy Polyakov <appro@fy.chalmers.se> wrote:

> This with laptop DVD-ROM can be just infamous incompatibility problem. 
> Earlier very few, really very few laptop units could read DVD+RW.

  This laptop DVD drive doesn't have a problem with DVD+RW recordings by
a Panasonic deck.

> The unit can be broken or simply doesn't like the particular media 
> brand. Poor media support manifests itself in rather bizarre way. If 
> quality brand media, such as Verbatim, doesn't work talk to your 
> retailer and try to exchange unit. A.

  That was the problem.  I tried some Sony brand media in the Sony deck
and it worked.

  I wish there was some organization responsible for putting vendors
into cage matches whenever they have the same logo on their product but
are not interoperable.

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