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Re: Different max speed on same DVD ????

Andy Polyakov <appro@fy.chalmers.se> writes:
> Support for particular media brands vary from firmware to
> firmware. One vendor can dare to offer higher velocity for particular
> media brand, while another can choose to take more fail-safe path. Or
> offer higher velocity in next firmware. That's the way it is and it
> does not indicate hardware failure of any kind. A.

Andy, thanks for taking the time to provide such valuable information.

In fact, I was searching why my dvd writer failed to write the lastest
Prodye DVD (MEdia code DT-D03/004). 3 times in a row, the beginning of
the disc was unreadable.

I will try some more Prodye and check for PI/PO errors with qpxtool. 

I'm still wondering if I've bought bad quality media or if my pioneer
drive is failing.


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