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Re: [Cdrecord-developers] Re: [Cdrecord-video] Re: cdrtools-2.01.01a09 released

Please don't Cc me on further traffic, I'm on the cdwrite and
cdrecord-support lists.

On Tue, 30 May 2006, Hendrik Visage wrote:

> >If you did, you woul know that ATA is one of many SCSI tranports (like USB
> >or 1394 are SCSI transports).
> To get back to Linux, the SATA stuff is lately done using the SCSI
> transpport layers
> with libata inside the SCSI subsytem of Linux :)=)

This doesn't change my earlier assertion that the Linux ATA/SCSI split
that Jörg complains so heftily about is an entirely artificial libscg
limit, as proven by the patches Jörg refused to look at at their time.

To avoid the dispute if the BTL adressing is the right thing to do for
an application, let's postpone this part (keeping in mind USB doesn't
support BTL).

I'll just state mapping /dev/hd* into the same namespace as /dev/sg* is
possible for Linux by removing artificial limits from libscg.

And, not to forget, it's the application that has to adjust to the
kernel, not the other way around.

Matthias Andree

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