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Re: [Cdrecord-video] Re: cdrtools-2.01.01a09 released

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com> wrote:

> I wouldn't live in the past if you would get the hint that SCSI is dead 
> for probably 98% of your users, and trying to use connections which 
> depent on the fantasy that the devices are scsi is a source of endless 
> grief. Only the commands are (sort of) scsi, the transport is almost 
> entirely gone for CD/DVD.

Each time you repeat this nonsense, I foster the impression that you are 
not only living in the past but that you are also uneducatable :-(

Would you please be so kind to inform yourself and discover that the SCSI
protocol is one of the most sucessfull protocols and that more and more devices
depend on the SCSI protocol?

Did you ever visit t10.org?

If you did, you woul know that ATA is one of many SCSI tranports (like USB
or 1394 are SCSI transports).

The fact that Linux does not create an universal umbrella for SCSI transports
is a hint that the Linux kernel developers are also living in the past.
Note that all modern OS did this already many years ago.

> >Usability only depends on the kernel quality.
> >If you have problems on Linux, try Solaris, FreeBSD BeOS/Zeta or even MS-WIN
> >Linux is the only OS around that still suffers from unfixed bugs from the last 
> >millenium when looking at the SCSI transport.
> >  
> >
> The world has gone Linux while you weren't looking. Actually while you 
> were hiding your eyes... Sun is *paying* people to port their linux 
> applications for Linux on SPARC. Tens of thousands of people attend 
> Linux World Expo, there is no Solaris world.

It seems that you did miss that Linux had it's climac in January 2000.
Linux is on a declining branch since then. If Linux will not stop the current
nonsense that results in ignoring the needs of CD/DVD writing, more and more 
people will move to more user friendly systems.

FreeBSD is slightly growing and Solaris is currently heavily growing.
Both OS are realy nice alternatives for free OS as they both offer more freedom
than Linux (caused by the GPL) does and as both OS listen to the needs of their


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