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Re: cdrtools-2.01.01a09 released

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com> wrote:

> FC1 with upgrades, 2.6.15 kernel. And I see it's still trying to convert 
> the device name to some pseudo-scsi mumbo-jumbo instead of using the 
> standard interface. And still has the "unintentional" warning which 
> isn't true because code was added (intentional) to provide support.

If you like to avoid this problem, try to educate the Lunix kernel maintainers 
not to stay living in the past....

> Not to worry, I was just hoping that the old last millenium code was 
> gone. I am not going to mess with the scsi stuff, I have USB devices 
> which may take none to three "busses" in the cdrtool world, meaning I 
> have to manually figure the scsi "address" of the device instead of 
> using the known name.

USB indeed is a sore point on Linux as USB devices get a new ID everytime they 
are replugged. If you like to use USB in a more user friendly way, you still 
have the choice to use something different then Linux.

> Not worth debugging, I have solutions but was hoping to use the cdrtools 
> code.

Usability only depends on the kernel quality.
If you have problems on Linux, try Solaris, FreeBSD BeOS/Zeta or even MS-WIN
Linux is the only OS around that still suffers from unfixed bugs from the last 
millenium when looking at the SCSI transport.


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