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Re: How to tell if mounted media is CD-R, CD-RW or CD-ROM?

On 3/1/06, scdbackup@gmx.net <scdbackup@gmx.net> wrote:

> > > Looks like Joerg is not amused by some bug-or-feature of
> > > your Linux.
> >
> > Take out the "your" part :-)
> Ok. Neither mine nor yours.

I meant Joerg has problems with linux in general (and I tend to agree
with him as regards to linux scsi infrastructure), not any specific
distributions (mine or yours).

> The fact that two different writers on different busses
> show the same illness indicates that there is some
> central problem with that particular computer system.
> A bad kernel version is quite improbable by now.
> Does the system show any other glitches ?

Not as far as I can see. I tried the IDE version of the LG DVD writer
(but with anoter CD-RW media) and I correctly see the ATIP info with
kernel 2.4
When I have another system with USB DVD writer I'll make another test
and post the results to the list .


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