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Re: cdrtools cdrecord/cdrecord.c

Volker Kuhlmann <hidden@paradise.net.nz> writes:

> Turned around, it becomes: it has turned out that this condescending
> style is not helpful at all. Neither are 100% predictable outbursts
> slogging off Linux, the kernel, or developers, they're just wasting our
> time. Unless you are able to help with problems by giving technically
> detailed and useful problem reports and learn to accept differences in a
> way a bit more mature than tossing toys, please stop those postings.

In a brainfart, and after Lee Revell posted something to the extent of
supporting non-root cdrecord with future Kernel features, I attempted to
spawn a discussion on linux-kernel about the interfaces again. This is
from a user's POV, and I'm pissed by either side fighting with their
warning messages for just being right.  ("I was right" shall be encarved
in the gravestone of the party that starts flaming...)

Matthias Andree

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