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Re: cdrtools cdrecord/cdrecord.c

Matthias Andree <matthias.andree@gmx.de> wrote:

> Joerg Schilling <schilling@fokus.fraunhofer.de> writes:
> > I fix all bugs that are verifiably caused by cdrecord and I try to find 
> > workarounds for all OS bugs. People just need to send a usable bug report.
> How about my recent Linux SCSI buffer allocation patch? :-)

First: this is not a bug inside cdrecord that needs to be fixed but a recently
introduced bug in Linux that needs a workaround.

Second: cdrecord is quality software and for this reason, I cannot apply any
(in your case even highly security related) patch wihout doing the needed 
research. It is most unlikely that your patch will be applied the way you send 
it to me as it is not yet well enough tested and thought about.

People often oversee what amount of work is needed in order to turn "their
patch" into a useful modification for the official program. And let me make a 
remark that may help other people to understand things:

I rarely receive patches that are useful in general.

Most patches I receive cause more work at my side than on the originator side.

Patches that obviously cause more work for me to integrate than I would have 
when doing the same myself from scratch are not accepted.

People who send patches that later turn out to cause a lof of problems are 
placed on a black list and would need to accompany future patches with 
documentation and proof for correctness in order to be taken for serious
again - Linus Torvalds managed to get on this black list...


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