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Re: DVD newbie - which format should I use?


> Helmut Jarausch wrote:
> I've tried to search the archive and various FAQs but I more confused
> than before.

This impression represents the current state of the art.
Expect any weird behavior of firmware and media.

>  DVD burner (LG GSA-4167B) [...] which media (format) should I use.

I have a LG GSA-4082B which kills DVD-RW on rewrite
if they were stored for longer than a few months.

The 4x DVD+RW from Aldi (80 cent) or Lidl (1 Euro) are ok for me,
for my writer, for growisofs, for cdrecord-ProDVD.

Actually Fuji, TDK, Platinum, Tevion, Octron are all the
same media type "RICOHJPN/W11".
I never found other 4x DVD+RW than those. That might have helped
to get the burner firmware stable. My shrinking herd of DVD-RW
is a colorful zoo of media types. None did convince me.

With non-rewritable media i got not much experience.
Two or three DVD+R. No trouble experienced.
If it can do DVD+R DL then the current media prices are quite
an obstacle for testing. (I'd like to read a report, though.)

> cdrecordProDVD reported  "DMA speed to slow) (OK for 8x)

8x is a bit a challenge to the data feeder anyway.

> but then the average write speed was only 1.5x ( for a chunk of 3.6Gb).
> Is there any explanation for this?

If the data is a preformatted image that is copied from disk
to burner then 1.5x is indeed slow. Nevertheless if it is
an image which gets formatted on the fly, then 1.5x might
be ok with an elderly PC or a compressed archive.
With a star system backup i achieve 1.2x and with ISO-9660 3.5x.

I got reports from a user who has good performance with hda
and 1.0x performance with hdb as data source for burning
to hdc. No deeper reason known. The disks are identical.

There are reports about slow growisofs if fed by a pipe
(not for me.) But you wrote about cdrecord-ProDVD.

1.5xDVD is about 14xCD. Did your former CD recorder burn 12x ?

> Volker Kuhlmann wrote:
> DVD+RW is treated as read-write disk automatically by modern Linux
> distros (eg SUSE 10.0). Ie insert media, use cp - the automounter and
> kernel do the rest. 

Interesting info. Speaks for DVD+RW, too.

Have a nice day :)


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