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Re: Why burnfree is off by default?

Matthias Andree <matthias.andree@gmx.de> wrote:

> Volker Kuhlmann <hidden@paradise.net.nz> writes:
> > I am able to distinguish stability with the stubbornness to insist on
> > serving the stone-age first. One could express this also in terms of the
> > least common Unix denominator, as the problem is not so rare. Nobody
> > cares what burning CDs was like 10 years ago, and whether cdrecord came
> > before burnfree. But of course setting defaults to suit a handful of
> > people to match their 10-year old expectations instead of catering for
> > 98% of today's(!!) users is your prerogative.
> This is pointless. You have the switch, you can use the switch, you are
> told how to use it, and after all you aren't writing the code.

Instability is a mess that I avoid in favor of people who write GUIs
for cdrecord.

There is no need to break interfaces every 6 months as done with Linux......


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