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Re: Why burnfree is off by default?

> > Jörg's stubbornness?
> Are you unable to distinct continuity and stability from
> stubbornness?

I am able to distinguish stability with the stubbornness to insist on
serving the stone-age first. One could express this also in terms of the
least common Unix denominator, as the problem is not so rare. Nobody
cares what burning CDs was like 10 years ago, and whether cdrecord came
before burnfree. But of course setting defaults to suit a handful of
people to match their 10-year old expectations instead of catering for
98% of today's(!!) users is your prerogative. It's not an important
aspect of cdrecord though, as for most of today's users k3b fixes the
problem anyway (I think, I don't use it myself). That doesn't however
stop me from saying that by my own technical judgement, cdrecord's
burnfree default is silly, when someone asks about the topic.


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