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Re: Unbelievable slow speeds when burning DVDs

Vasileios Gkanis wrote:

cdrecord has a special option for this case: -immed (see man page)
I burned some data (4.3GB) on two discs. The first disc was burned with the "-immed" option and the second disc was not. Unfortunately, the first disc was lost, some of the data can not be read. Both discs were burned at an average speed of ~2x and the maximum speed was ~4x. But, when I used the "-immed" option I burned only 100MB at ~4x, and then the speed dropped to ~2x. When I did not use this option I burned about 500MB at ~4x, and then again the speed dropped to ~2x. Interestingly, the speed increased from ~2x to ~4x when about 500MB were already written on the disc. But before it increased, the hard disk stopped transfering any data, the speed dropped to ~0.1x and stayed there for a couple of seconds, and then it increased to 4x.

Do all these make sense? Do you think this is normal?
Without any information nobody can help you


Yes, you are right, I am sorry about that. Let me start with the very basic:
OS: Gentoo
Kernel: 2.6.12_rc6 love-srouces
Cdrecrotd-Prodvd: 2.01.01
Mkisofs: 2.1
The DVD disc was a Verbatim 16x DVD-R, and the driver is QSI DVD+/-RW SDW-082 (Firmware LX44) with maximum speed 8x.
The command that I issued (as root) was
mkisofs -V "Data" -R /home/vasilis/data/ | /root/cdrecord-wrapper.sh -v -sao tsize=2276518s -dev=ATA:0,1,0 driveropts=burnfree speed=8 - The DVD disc was burned without any error, but the burning speed was increased to ~4x, for a couple of minutes, and then it decreased to ~2x. The hard disk was always transfering data, but when the burning speed changed to 4x and then back to 2x, for a couple of seconds the hard disk stopped transfering data.

Just for grins, since these devices are on the same cable, crank up the fifo size and see if that helps. Something like "fs=30m" should show you what's happening. Are you running as root? Sorry if you said and I missed it. I doubt that fifo trick will help, or Joerg would have mentioned it, but worth trying.

Keep in mind your firmware may just not like this brand of media, as evidenced by the same behaviour under that other o/s. But it shouldn't hang.

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