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Re: Unbelievable slow speeds when burning DVDs

On Wednesday 13 July 2005 11:27 am, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> Vasileios Gkanis <gkanis@cems.umn.edu> wrote:
> > Unfortunately, this is a laptop and I can not change the IDE cables.
> > The good thing is that I burned a DVD with Cdrecord-ProDVD and the
> > maximum speed was 2.3x and the average speed was 2x. Now, I do not want
> > to be greedy here, but since the driver can burn up to 8x and the disc
> > supports 16x, why the speed remained at 2x.
> > I have a similar problem in Windows (Nero), where the speed is about ~4x,
> > and I am talking with the manufacturer about it.
> cdrecord has a special option for this case: -immed (see man page)
I burned some data (4.3GB) on two discs. The first disc was burned with the 
"-immed" option and the second disc was not. Unfortunately, the first disc 
was lost, some of the data can not be read. Both discs were burned at an 
average speed of ~2x and the maximum speed was ~4x. But, when I used the 
"-immed" option I burned only 100MB at ~4x, and then the speed dropped to 
~2x. When I did not use this option I burned about 500MB at ~4x, and then 
again the speed dropped to ~2x. Interestingly, the speed increased from ~2x 
to ~4x when about 500MB were already written on the disc. But before it 
increased, the hard disk stopped transfering any data, the speed dropped to 
~0.1x and stayed there for a couple of seconds, and then it increased to 4x.

Do all these make sense? Do you think this is normal?


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