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Re: dvd-r questions and problems

Wu-Kung Sun <sunwukung1@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello, I've been using dvd+r up until getting a bunch
> of dvd-r cheaply so I'm using those now.
> 1. they all seem to have a ring 0.5 cm from the clear
> center which has no dye.  The ring looks to be inside
> the dye (ie the same color inside and out).  Is this
> normal or are they defective discs?
> 2. after burning a data dvd with 3 video files (sizes:
> 2.1 GB, 1.5 GB, 750 MB) the two large files seem to be
> truncated.  Futher testing showed that mkisofs was
> making wrong images.  How can I correct this?  As far
> as I could understand it, I saw nothing in the man
> page about large files. I used the command:
> time mkisofs -o /p1/1.iso -R -J .

mkisofs does not write DVDs. It may be that you did use
broken software to write the data.




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