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dvd-r questions and problems

Hello, I've been using dvd+r up until getting a bunch
of dvd-r cheaply so I'm using those now.

1. they all seem to have a ring 0.5 cm from the clear
center which has no dye.  The ring looks to be inside
the dye (ie the same color inside and out).  Is this
normal or are they defective discs?

2. after burning a data dvd with 3 video files (sizes:
2.1 GB, 1.5 GB, 750 MB) the two large files seem to be
truncated.  Futher testing showed that mkisofs was
making wrong images.  How can I correct this?  As far
as I could understand it, I saw nothing in the man
page about large files. I used the command:
time mkisofs -o /p1/1.iso -R -J .

some more info:

Debian with kernel 2.4.26
mkisofs version 2.01a34-unofficial-iconv

Thank you!

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