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Re: Errors with 8x media, works in other OS

curran@rpi.edu wrote:


I am having problems with burning 8X DVD+R media with growisofs.

My drive is a Lite-On 1633S with the latest(BS0S) firmware.  It is capable
of burning up to 16X DVD+R, up to 8X DVD-R, and 4X DVD+/-RW. The media is supported by the firmware. I *can* burn 8x DVD+R disks (at 8x) in Windows 2000 on the same machine. These are all the DVD media types I have tried:

(SONY/S11)      4x DVD+RW       Works
(SONY04D1)      4x DVD-R        Works
(YUDEN000/T02)  8x DVD+R	Fails
(RICOHJPN/R02)  8x DVD+R        Fails

My kernel is 2.4.29 with an ntfs patch.  I am NOT using the dvd+rw kernel
patch. I'm using the ide-scsi module. I use an nvidia binary driver but the error occurs whether X is started or not. I have an Athlon XP 2000 with a via chipset.

My version of the tools is: dvd+rw-tools-

After a *failure*, my drive drops to PIO mode, so I have been doing a complete power cycle to make sure the failure is due to attempts on a particular disk type. Before and after a good burn 'cat /proc/ide/via' shows the drive is in UDMA mode, Transfer Rate: 66.6MB/s. hdparm says the drive is in udma4 mode.

I have ~50 of the (YUDEN000/T02) 8x disks to play with. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might get them to work in Linux? I have included lots of info....

 - Peter F.  Curran
   curran at rpi dot edu

-dmesg for the drive ------------------------------------------------------

hda: attached ide-scsi driver.
I think that's the answer. The 2.4 kernel won't do DMA in some modes using ide-scsi. The easy test is to try a lower speed for the burn. And use vmstat to check CPU usage while you burn. Maybe more later, I'm about to head for RPI for the last hockey game of the season. Hopefully it won't repeat last night. unless you're at the top of section 17 you won't hear from me until morning ;-(

bill davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com>
 CTO TMR Associates, Inc
 Doing interesting things with small computers since 1979

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