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Re: Burning DVD sometimes fails - sometimes works

Torsten Römer wrote:

Seth Kurtzberg schrieb:
> I think that it is a safe bet that if you have visible damage on the
> DVD, your hardware (drive) has problems.  Nothing is 100% certain, but
> that is close to 100% certain, especially as the same hardware used to
> work.
> Seth

If I burn with 2.4x instead of 4x, there seems to be no problem. I wonder what this could mean.

What I have observed (in only two cases, so this is suggestive but not definitive) is that the drive will stop burning at higher speeds but continue to work at lower speeds. Then it will fail at the lower speed and succeed at a still lower speed. Ultimately it will stop working altogether. I've observed this on CD-R-RW as well as DVD.

Of course this isn't the only possible explanation.

Make sure that you don't have an IDE and an EIDE device sharing the same IDE cable. Assuming you have EIDE capability, use an EIDE cable and make sure both drives (if there are two) are jumpered CS, not one master and the other slave.

There are a few cases where enabling DMA on the burner makes a problem worse. Since turning DMA off slows the speed to the 2.4x you are seeing (or lower), it isn't useful for operation, but it can be useful for testing.

DMA is enabled for both the harddisk and the DVD burner. I even replaced the IDE cable of the burner - no change.

In a way I can live with 2.4x, and maybe one day I want to have a DVD R9 capable burner anyway...


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