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Burning DVD sometimes fails - sometimes works


Usually, burning DVDs worked pretty fine for me. But in the last time, it fails more and more frequently.

I can already hear when it is going to fail: On the beginning of the burning process the drive speeds up, then slows down again and sounds a click. Then burning either fails with an I/O error or continues. If it continued, it is even possible to see the error on the disc: Some very few "rings" are written, then nothing, then the rest. These discs are then usually not playable. If I try to burn the same image again it usually works after one or two more attempts.

I use SuSE Linux 9.2 (Kernel 2.6.8) with dvd+rw-tools- and an NEC1300 IDE drive with newest firmware 1.0B. The media used (Sony) is in the list of recommended media for that drive. My harddisk is quite fast and the system load is low.

Is my DVD burner breaking down? Is one of my Kernel/dvd+rw-tools/firmware version bad?

Any hint is greatly appreciated.


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