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Re: DVD Writing

> Latest,
> Upgraded to 5.21 which I believe to be the latest release.
> Tried the -use-the-force-luke switch but still get a FATAL error when
> running the growisofs command within a CRON job.
> If I check the man page for 5.21 it still suggests that this is normal
> behaviour, it doesn't give any clues as to how it might be overwridden.

Oops. Why didn't i find that last time i looked ?
(So -use-the-force-luke is still needed ?)

> For the time being I will have to stick to my dvd+rw-format work around
> although I am not sure this is a good thing with DVD+RW disks.

I find this code snippet in growisofs.c (5.21), line 2017:

        if (no_tty_check || (warn_for_isofs&2))
            fprintf (stderr,"WARNING: %s already carries isofs!\n",in_device),
            printf ("About to execute '");
            fprintf (stderr,"FATAL: %s already carries isofs!\n",in_device),

But if i understand the following part of the argument processing (line 1753)
correctly then -use-the-force-luke should really do the trick for you :

            else if (!strncmp(opt,"-use-the-force-luke",19))
            { char *s=strchr (opt,'='),*o;

                if (s == NULL)  /* backward compatibility */
                    no_tty_check = 1;
                {   s++;
                    if (strstr(s,"tty"))        no_tty_check = 1;

Well, how about a try of "-use-the-force-luke=tty" ?

However i run my own stuff ... it warns but does not abort.

As a last resort i would try a patch of growisofs.c at line 2011 :

        if ( 1 || no_tty_check || (warn_for_isofs&2)) /* always true */
            fprintf (stderr,"WARNING: %s already carries isofs!\n",in_device),

And for curiousity i would place a print command where
-use-the-force-luke is interpreted. E.g. in line 1756 :

                if (s == NULL)  /* backward compatibility */
                    no_tty_check = 1;
                    fprintf(stderr,"Really set no_tty_check = %d\n", 

I assume your cron writes you a mail containing the error output.
So look wether your message does really appear.
Also i would try to see that value immediately before the FATAL/WARNING
test is made (in former line 2011, now 2015) :

        fprintf(stderr,"no_tty_check is now set to %d\n",no_tty_check);
        if ( 1 || no_tty_check ...

I just ran in dvd+rw-tools- :
   make clean
and did a check with cron . It mailed me :

   Really set no_tty_check = 1
   no_tty_check is now set to 1
   WARNING: /dev/sr0 already carries isofs!
   About to execute 'builtin_dd if=/proc/self/fd/0 of=/dev/sr0 obs=32k seek=0'
   /dev/sr0: "Current Write Speed" is 2.0x1385KBps.
     12582912/577054720 ( 2.2%) @2.0x, remaining 4:29

Have a nice day :)


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