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Re: c2scan of DVDs??

Volker Kuhlmann <hidden@paradise.net.nz> wrote:

> > There is a plan to support the Plextor 712 & 716 for that purpose.
> Thanks, I guess two drives is a start ;)

The feature is not called c2scan but PI/PO scan and is absolutely no standard.
Is is completely based on proprietary commands and the fact that it is possible
for Plextor drives is a result of reverse engineering. As Plextor is the only 
company that includes a reliable way to check the errors, Plextor is the only
manufacturer where it makes sense to reverse engineer.

> Is there any other Linux software which can do DVD c2 scans now?

Not that I am aware if it.

> > I recommend to use Solaris. Solaris 10 is free to use for any purpose
> > and the OpenSolaris license is expected to be ready soon.
> If it ever boots on the hardware I have, and comes with a C compiler and
> an otherwise at least semi-complete system. I'm strongly disinclined to
> find out, though might change my mind if you had said that readcd -c2scan 
> will work on opensolaris on x86 and my drives, but you didn't.

Solaris 10 boots on nearly any PC type hardware and it is easy to get a binary
GCC from sun by just downloading the Sun FreeWare CD in addition (it installs
in /opt/sfw).

Solaris iso's are available on


The Freeware CD is on

The current version includes the Java desktop and StarOffice and by default
used Xorg

Given the problems with current Linux kernels, I cannot grant that I will have 
enough time to create workarounds for Linux in future.

My software is developed on Solaris and is always granted to work on Solaris.
During the past weeks, alot of time did go into work for OpenSolaris. Please
understand that I prefer to spend my time in projects where the management of 
the project is done in a forseable way rather then working for Linux where
I see no way to even have a useful discussion with the people who decide what
will happen in the future.


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