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Re: c2scan of DVDs??

Volker Kuhlmann <hidden@paradise.net.nz> wrote:

> Is the c2scan as it exists for CDs also defined for DVDs? I'm trying to
> debug some DVD burner / media problems [1], and although it works fine
> for CDs, for DVDs I get an error per sector, even on new pressed DVDs.
> SuSE 9.2 kernel 2.6.8, readcd 2.01. The errors are:

There is a plan to support the Plextor 712 & 716 for that purpose.

> Remembering that Jörg doesn't like current kernels with some of this
> stuff, I bootet an old SuSE 8.2 kernel 2.4.20, readcd 2.0. Same errors,
> with both ATAPI: access and with running the drive with ide-scsi.

I am not sure whether newer Linux kernels will ever be useful for that code.....

I recommend to use Solaris. Solaris 10 is free to use for any purpose
and the OpenSolaris license is expected to be ready soon.


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