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Re: Re: growisofs: failed to change write speed

Andy Polyakov <appro@fy.chalmers.se> schrieb am 28.11.2004, 23:31:18:
> >>INQUIRY:                [TOSHIBA ][DVD-ROM SD-R5112][1033]
> > 
> >                                      ^^^^^^^
> > Strange device string for a burner.
> Right. According to Toshiba web site SD-R5112 is DVD-ROM player/CD 
> recorder combo, not a DVD recorder! dvd+rw-mediainfo is expected to be 
> collected in recorder unit. A.

Hello Andy,

thanks for your response. Nevertheless I am not shure what you're trying
to say. Does this mean that I recorded all my DVDs with a DVD-ROM ;-) ?
As already mentioned in my original post, burning 1x works, 4x works
with e.g. Verbatim Data Life Plus 4x. As I cannot buy DLP 4x here any
more, I tried 8x, and Sony 4x. Neither of these can be burned other
than 1x. 
Nero 6 can burn all these media 4x (I tested my DVD-R Recorder (!) in an
other PC, so it's not a FW problem).

Is there any way to tell / force growisofs to burn these media 4x?

Thank you in advance?

Serrada Escrima Backyard Gym

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