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Re: blank=all only works in isolation

Ambrose Li wrote:

I'd disagree about its validity. Blanking a CDRW disc before
writing sounded reasonable enough to me.  I always thought
that it didn't work because Linux was buggy.

(About my "Linux was buggy" comment: I started noticing this
after mounting HFS CDROM's started causing kernel panics, and
afterwards found out that this serious problem was caused by
a bug in Linux that is not going to be fixed. As for whether
the blanking-then-writing worked before, I *think* I have seen
it work before but, judging from what others are writing, I
likely didn't remember correctly.)
If you found a bug in Linux which causes a panic I would be amazed if it doesn't get fixed. If you found an obscure feature which doesn't work, I can believe that without effort.

Can you clarify?

E. Robert Bogusta
 It seemed like a good idea at the time

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