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on Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K12RA

Hi there,

my DVD burner (Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K12RA) seems to have some problems
when burning dvd-rw discs, although it burns CDs fine (my distribution is MDK 9.2 with kernel 2.4.22, scsi emulation, cdrecord-clone 2.01a38-dvd, k3b 0.10.3 and dvd+rw-tools Since I have burned dvd-rw discs sucessfully before, I'm even afraid that the unit is somehow physically damaged. Is it possible that dvd burning part is damaged and the cd burning part works perfect?

Searching the web for some information on this topic, I found the product specifications for my dvd-rw drive at the followiing address: http://www.go-l.com/_pdfs/laptop_2xdvd_dual.pdf. Although the laptop manufacturer (Acer) claims that the Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K12RA only burns DVD-R(s), reading the document it seems that this burner is able to burn DVD+R(W)s also, isn't it?

The k3b 0.11.4 version which comes with MDK 10.1 RC1 provides in the device info that my dvd drive can burn DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) discs. I have also read in a German mailing list (for Windows users) that the Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K12RA is able to burn +R(W) discs.

Does the Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K12RA burn +R(W) discs?

Thanks for your help,


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